The Intelligence Revolution has started!


The world in undergoing a new revolution and it’s not just the 4th Industrial Revolution. It’s impacting on virtually every aspect of our business and personal lives. We can call it the Intelligence Revolution because it’s based on AI (artificial intelligence). The Industrial Revolution enabled us to build powerful machines that could do things for us. The Intelligence Revolution is enabling us to create machines that are making decisions for us with AI- a whole new step forward in technology. Try this link to see how your job will be affected.

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  1. The First and Second Industrial Revolutions were major disrupters of their time causing displacement and exploitation as families were forced to move from their rural communities into an urbanised evironment. Despite the hardship of previous generations, it is the urban environment that has fostered the rapid exchange and generation of new ideas.

    While the new landscape is still being formed, and discussion centres around the Third and Fourth Industrial Revolutions, there is no doubt that it is the Intelligence Revolution that will define our time.

    The implications for future generations are enormous. I like to think that we may return full circle to our idylic rural communities while enjoying every benefit that the Intelligence Revolution has to offer.

  2. Great points Jacqueline! I particularly like the point about living in an idyllic rural community with all the city benefits due to the Intelligence Revolution. I guess that’s what the NBN is trying to encourage. Lynn

  3. Yes, inter-connectivity is the key and smart-cities are simply one step forward. It is fascinating to note however, that it is large rural centres like Adelaide Sth Aus and Austin Tx that are leading the way rather than our larger urban centres.

  4. Thank you for the link Lynne. Adelaide has quietly become an international front-runner in this sphere. Energy and water management are only two areas currently attracting a lot of attention from some big international players. (Elon Musk, are you reading this blog?)

    It still surprises me that such a simple idea as a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles and cans that was successfully introduced forty years ago, is only just starting to be noticed elsewhere.

    • Agree again! I was surprised about the SA early introduction of the deposit return scheme when it’s still not in NSW- another reason for Idea Spies to spread the word i.e. you should share the post…. Lynn

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