Simple experiment to prove free energy device

Simple experiment to prove free energy device

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  1. Now understand very simply

    As per video the front load mass is 6 kilogram and the ball mass is 2.5 kilogram.The system height is 15 centimeter from the surface when it is balanced.The ball will work to lift up front load up to 5 centimeter when it will be dropped on the tail of the scale.
    Now using potential energy formula
    The front load potential energy will be
    6*10*.05=3 joule
    The potential energy of ball will be
    2.5*10*.15=3.75 joule
    it means input is 3.75 joule and output is 3 joule.
    But the ball is attached with a pulley+generator system which will work to generate energy when ball comes down due to gravity .
    The ball will generate 3.75 joule energy when it comes down 15 centimeter.but to lift up again this ball there will be need of 3.75 joule generator works with 80% efficiency then it will be 3 joule but output is also 3 joule .Now if ball is generating 3 joule already itself then a 1 joule input will be sufficient from external source to run the device as output is 3 joule or output will be greater than input.

    In other words only 1 joule external power will be sufficient to lift up the ball again up to 15 cm or more height.

    so now actual input will be 1 joule


    output will be 3 joule.

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