Nuclear energy that’s super safe and affordable

The next generation of nuclear reactors called small modular reactors (SMR’s) can be built in a factory and transported to customers by truck or barge. They could overcome Australia’s resistance to power by fission and lead to super-safe and relatively cheap sources of electricity using Australia’s vast uranium resources . Rolls Royce say theirs could be in operation by 2030.

Good to hear that a Parliamentary Enquiry will be held in Australia to review opportunities with nuclear energy. 

It seems that the following generation of nuclear energy ¬†uses fusion which does not need Australia’s uranium.

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    For idea spies interested in learning more about this issue, Reinvent Australia Inc is organising a special moderated discussion panel on alternative energy sources in Sydney on the evening of 31 October. The speaker on nuclear energy is a leading proponent of SMRs and will be happy to answer any questions . Also included on the programme is a leading specialist who will discuss Australia’s future hydrogen-based economy For further information and/or to express interest in attending, please email

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